City of Oakland 2017 Race and Gender Disparity Study

Welcome to the City of Oakland’s Race and Gender Disparity Study website.

In 2017, the City commissioned a Race and Gender Disparity Study to determine how successful the City has been in achieving its goals of equity and inclusion in awarding contracts to local businesses owned by people of color and women. All information and updates regarding the Study, upcoming business outreach meetings, and study interview opportunities can be found here.

The City of Oakland has a commitment to provide economic opportunity for City residents and businesses. The City has implemented business equity and inclusion policies to stimulate the local economy by maximizing public resources for local benefit. The policies include the Local and Small Business Enterprise (L/SBE) Program. Objectives of the L/SLBE Program include:

  • Increasing the number of Oakland businesses that participate in City contract and development opportunities
  • Increasing the circulation of City dollars within Oakland to stimulate the economic base
  • Providing technical assistance services to grow Oakland businesses
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