About the Study

The City of Oakland’s Race and Gender Disparity Study was commissioned in June 2017. The Study will determine how many contracts and contract dollars the City and its prime contractors have awarded to businesses that are owned by people of color and women. In the Study process, input will be solicited from business owners who have contracted with the City or who have tried to contract with the City. Policy and administrative recommendations based on the Study’s findings will be provided to the City.

The Study will be conducted by Oakland-based firm, Mason Tillman Associates, Ltd. Mason Tillman is a nationally recognized disparity study expert. Mason Tillman will analyze construction, professional services, and goods and services contracts and grants that were awarded from July 1, 2011, to June 30, 2016.  As a key component of the Study, Mason Tillman will identify ready, willing and able local businesses, including businesses owned by people of color and women, in the City’s market area.

The success of the Study requires the involvement of the local business community. You are invited to participate in the Study by:

  • Attending a business outreach meeting and providing public comment
  • Submitting a business information survey to affirm your willingness and ability to contract with the City: Oakland Disparity Study Business Survey
  • Agreeing to be interviewed regarding your contracting experiences
  • Providing membership lists and directories from local business and professional organizations
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